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  • Mineral automatic transmission fluid Dexron II D



    ATF II D is an automatic transmission fluid for many older passenger cars, forklift trucks and buses of European, American or Japanese origin. It is also suitable for certain power steering systems, torque converters, change-gearboxes, fluid clutches and non complicated hydraulic systems. Due to an extremely low pour point, it ensures easy shifting at cold starts. Seals are not affected by this ATF and it will prevent sludge and deposit formation.



  1. Allison C-4
  2. Dexron IID
  3. Ford WSS-M2C166-H
  4. MAN Typ Z1/V1
  5. MB 236.1
  6. MB 236.5
  7. MB 236.6
  8. MB 236.7
  9. MB 236.9
  10. Mercon
  11. Renk Doromat
  12. Voith 55.6335.xx (G607)
  13. ZF TE-ML 04D
  14. ZF TE-ML 09X
  15. ZF TE-ML 11A
  16. ZF TE-ML 14A